What does the mangrove produce?

So many friends of mine was asking about the utilization of mangrove. In this chapter, I try to give the understanding about it with the article from Basic Understanding of Mangrove produced by Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA). Let’s check this out! Timbers produced from mangrove forest can be used for housing materials, furniture, ships or boats and chips for pulp or paper. The logs of Rhizophora or Bruguiera are used as pillars as they contain a good amount of tannin, and a strong astringent substance.

Mangrove firewood and charcoal are widely used as a good fuel for cooking in tropical countries. Mangrove charcoal is exported to many different countries including Japan where it is locally named as Nan-yo Bincho-tan (southern good charcoal).

In arid regions where there are little grass and trees, mangrove, which has abundant leaves all year round, is an important source of food for cattles, donkeys, camels and goats.

Mangrove has also many other uses such as: (i) tannin, pesticides, dyes and chemicals are extracted from their bark; (ii) the fruits of some species are used for food; and (iii) the sap produces sugar and alcohol.

I hope this article will completing your mangrove information.


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